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Jet Mist Granite

Jet mist granite is very popular for coping stones for its removing veins and fantastic white sparker. The cross cut looks like Galaxy Meteor waterfall and the vein cut have a river stream looking. You can do jet mist in sandblasted, flamed or water jet to achieve an anti-Slip surface.
Jet mist granite can be offered in polished, honed, flamed, sandblasted, water jet surfaces in different patterns like repeating pavers and customized patterns. The removable veins and grey taste is very popular in Europe, USA, and Canada.
You will find only small parts of products that are produced in jet mist granite on our website. These are only for your reference of different galleries. For more, come & talk to our design department with your any idea. We have at least 5000m3 blocks in stock and ready to cut for customers at any time.